I hate when

artists push back release dates. However, being on the other side of the process, it becomes much more understandable.  A few points in our defense.  

1. Arithmetic’s entire artist direction is controlled by just two members and our time is limited.  Since we are independent, we do not have a division of labor that would speed up the release of new projects.

2. We do all our own mixing, editing, recording, mastering, art design, etc.  All these steps require lots of agonizing man-hours to deliver a final product that we are excited to share with other people.

3. We actually have finished our album from last summer.  All the songs were recorded over a 3 day period in July and are the only inclusions in the album.  So the issue is not that we are creating more music because the current songs are not good enough to release or other songs are being bumped from the project.  You will get to hear it all eventually.

4. We have a grandiose concept for the experience of hearing the music that requires some time to finalize

5. Budget constraints - self-explanatory.

Rest assured The Current Is Not As Bad on the Other Side is well worth the wait.  

One Love,


Not that anybody cares, but…

… we have already started working on our next project.  

Actually, we never really stopped after the first one.  When we first came up with the concept for The Frankie EP in Boston (back in August) we thought it would be three “new songs” aka songs we had never worked on before that week and then possibly add 78-80 as a bonus track (we had started working on that song in January of 2012).   Over the next five days we created BAE Systems, Song 2, and Frankie (in that order).  BAE was the only song we kept tweaking and eventually overhauled from the original recordings in Boston (at one time its inclusion on the EP was in serious jeopardy). We continued to facilitate ideas back and forth and only about a week before the eventual “release date” we came up with Head Nodder and decided to include it on the project.  

Over the winter holidays we were able to meet up again for a few days to collaborate/record in-person.  We have a number of unfinished material, stemming both from those “studio” sessions and collaborations since then, that we are working on. As alluded to previously, we hope to release them sometime this year.  The current working title is “The King’s Queen” and we are aiming for a Summer 2013 release. The Frankie EP was just a sampling. The King’s Queen will be a full length album.

There’s one life, one love, so there can only be one King

One love,


P.S. If you have not done so lately - go back and listen to the Frankie EP straight through. You’re welcome.

2013 = Full Length Album

Project Title: TBD

Release Date: TBD

Musical Fusion: Guaranteed

There is this permanent darkness that resides in all of us and at times in life we fight it and we can overcome and control it to be happy and make others happy, but the darkness in us will never go away completely. “The darkness in me will never go.” 

Therefore we must march on to Asgard.

ACL (Aspirations Can’t Last)

"You can’t talk about the music you create without sounding pretentious."